📩Weighted Polls


The (weighted) community voting feature allows you to easily gather feedback from your community and (optionally) prioritize the users that are most engaged within your server based on their role.

Note: Weighted polls are a great way to ensure that decisions are made by the most engaged and active members of the community, but it's completely optional.


Options let you decide the value of each role's vote, so you can make it so that people that have earned the rank "General", for example, have 5 times the voting strength as a Private. This handy feature is great to have to create proposals, let the community vote, and easily announce the vote's result at the end.

Admin Panel Customization
Polls Appearance


/poll create (Title)(Options)(End Time)(Image)(Roles Allowed)

Example Poll Creation:

/poll create (Test)(Test1;Test2;Test3)(1d)(example.png)(@Holder)

Cancel Poll:

/poll cancel (Poll ID)

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