Q: Does Champagne replace my current staking system? A: No, Champagne is a second layer solution and complements your existing system!

Q: Can I buy Mojito alone without getting the entire Suite? A: Yes, it's possible to purchase Mojito alone. For a quote depending on the size of your community, please contact us.

Q: Do my holders need to connect their wallets to Champagne? A: Yes, holders will need to connect their Phantom wallet to the JVL website to select the NFT they wish to use as their PFP. This will verify them as the owner and begin distributing yields.

Q: How often do my holders receive yields from Champagne? A: Champagne verifies that the user has not changed their PFP and air-drops the rewards hourly.

Q: How long is the implementation time? A: The implementation time is anywhere between 2 and 3 weeks, depending on if you purchase the Custom Website Add-on.

Q: What if my project doesn't have its own SPL token, how can Champagne help us? A: Champagne can still be a great solution for you in a few ways: 1. We can help you create and design your SPL token, including tokenomics to get you up and running. 2. You can reward holders with SOL for representing your project! 3. You can still use the Ape-Follow-Ape page without an SPL token to let holders easily follow each other. 4. In the near future, you'll be able to earn a custom token made by Champagne, so that your holders can earn a native JVL token instead (info on benefits coming soon 👀)!

Q: Can I reward holders with my own token? A: Yes! You can easily reward your holders with any token that you want through Champagne. Please keep in mind that rewards are supplied by you, giving you complete flexibility in operating the system.

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