⚔️Engagement Battles


Create a team engagement battle to challenge your community to check in regularly and stay active! Upon creation, Mojito will automatically establish 4 different teams randomly. Then, these teams can compete to see who can be the most active and each user must check in daily, or they will die and no longer be able to help their team move toward success! The battle ends at a time of your choice, when the winners and stats will be announced!

Hint: Because there are many winners for both Battles and Battle Royale, most projects offer a token or points reward so that it can be mass-distributed.


Create a Battle:

/battle create (battle name) (teamName1;teamName2...)(start time)(duration)

Example Battle Creation:

/battle create name:My Battle team_names:Walrus;Porcupine;Otter;Pickle start:1m duration:2d

Battle Royale

Unlike normal Battles, Battle Royale is a free-for-all gamemode that simply challenges users to check in daily. If you don't engage within the server for x amount of hours to stay alive, you'll automatically be eliminated and no longer be able to compete for the prize(s)! The game ends when the set number of winners are all that remain, after which their triumph will be announced!

Note: Unlike normal battles, Battle Royale does not track how much a user engages - only that they check in as frequently as you set your elimination period (see commands below).

Note: Battle Royale goes on until there are only the chosen number of players remaining. More ways are currently being added to eliminate players and reduce the duration of these battle royale matches.


Create a Battle Royale:

/battle-royale create (royale name) (start time) (# of winners) (elimination period - how often you must message to stay alive)

Example Battle Royale Creation:

/battle-royale create name:First Battle Royale start:1m winners:10 elimination_period:12h

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