🍸Features Overview

Mojito can reward spendable points for all types of engagement and representation, letting you nurture an active community and reward those who are loyal! Tying in with Champagne, Mojito uses the very same points that users earn through flexing their PFP, if you've chosen the points reward type.

Tip: You can easily rename the points to whatever you want through your admin panel, and even use emojios to personalize it for your community!

Mojito lets members automatically earn points for:


  • Having a specific phrase/emoji in their name (Username Wildcard)

  • Using a specific banner

  • Invites (automatically detected)

  • Messages in chat

  • Time in voice chat

  • Saying specific phrases (such as "gm")

  • Reactions to messages

Representation (Across ALL Servers)

  • Having a phrase within their username (Username Wildcard)

  • Using a banner that represents your community

  • Utilizing a PFP of your choice

Hint: The best way to attract more attention to your Discord server is by creating a banner or PFP that represents your community, along with a small phrase that they can add to the end of their name - making users a walking advertisement wherever they go. These forms of representation MUST be on their base user profile, and will not reward people for banners, names, or PFPs set exclusively to your server.

Why Mojito?

While Mojito supports a variety of different engagement and representation types, what really brings it together is the ability to spend these points in an auction house, raffle system, or marketplace of the moderators' choice - from directly within your Discord server.

There is no longer any need for you to go through the hassle of setting up a bot with commands and code. Now, everything is set up through your admin panel - code free and no setup commands required.

On top of this, our leveling feature provides an innovative way to strengthen your community by allowing you to do tier-restricted auctions, raffles, and giveaways. Our DAO voting tools are additionally a great way to give power back to the community by letting the most engaged users have a stronger voice.

Mojito's strength comes through using all of its features - both the rewarding of points and the creation of different giveaways, auctions, and raffles for your community to participate in! This is a great way to give back to those who stay loyal.

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