With Mojito, you can reward Discord roles at experience point milestones! This perfectly plays into the feature of the auction house, raffle system, and marketplace to allow you to restrict certain events to only the most engaged members of your community!

Did you know?: The leveling feature is the ONLY component of Mojito that would require the bot to have more than just "Read Message History" and "Send Messages" permissions. For this, you must give Mojito the "Manage Roles" permission, but only if you intend to use this feature for your own community.

With /userinfo, you can see each role that a person has earned, along with their total amount of experience points! This is a great way to see where each individual is getting their points from so that you can learn how to level up from the best.

Remember: The best way to utilize the leveling system is giving the community specific milestones, which will allow them to participate in exclusive auctions, raffles, and giveaways!

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