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PC Guide

1. How do I start earning rewards from my PFP? Follow the steps below, or see the video below for a 1 minute demo:

1. Connect your Twitter account and wallet, preferably in that order. 2. Your available NFTs will show up. Select the one you want to use as your PFP. 3. Click the download button in the bottom right hand corner. You will be taken to Twitter to change the PFP. 4. Set the newly downloaded image as your PFP. You must use this file, you cannot download the NFT through your wallet. 5. Return to the PFP rewards site and click "Confirm PFP"

That's it! You're finished and will automatically earn rewards every 1 hour. Make sure not to change your PFP, or you'll stop earning more rewards. Earn PFP rewards from your NFT on PC!​

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