📱Mobile Guide

How do I start earning my points on mobile? The download button on my app isn't working?

Right now using the same process on mobile only works for some, however if you're experiencing issues there is a workaround.

Follow these steps if you're having issues: 1. Go to site and connect Twitter (mobile wallet browser). 2. From the list of your NFTs, choose the one you want to use as your PFP. 3. Scroll/pull up the NFT info from the bottom of the screen. 4. Save the link of the image by tapping and holding the NFT shown. 5. Go to normal browser - using the link, download the NFT's image to your system files. 6. Go back to the mobile wallet browser and visit Twitter. Edit your profile picture and upload the newly downloaded file. 7. Go back to Champagne and tap "Confirm PFP".

Presto! The process is now complete. Ensure that your NFT was correctly staked and is displaying a green checkmark.

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