🎁Reward Options

What rewards can I offer, and how?

Reward Types & Wallet

Teams can reward their community with any token, coin, or a customizable experience points system. The project's team decides and supplies the rewards, while the JuiceVendor team covers all gas fees for the airdropped distribution of rewards.


You can use multipliers if you want to reward holders that own more NFTs in higher amounts than holders with 1 NFT. Regardless of the multiplier, rewards can only be earned if the user is staking a PFP through Champagne.

There are multiplier 3 options:

  1. No multiplier - reward holders of 1 NFT & 10 NFTs earn the same amount.

  2. Proportional multiplier - reward someone with 10 NFTs 10 times the amount as someone with 1 NFT.

  3. Formula based - reward based on a formula, making the first NFT give a certain amount for every user but each additional NFT increases reward disproportionately.


Rewards are airdropped hourly from a wallet that we'll create for you after your enrollment. This wallet is held jointly by you and the JuiceVendor CTO, but you have full control and can access it through Metamask (or Phantom). We ask that you restock this wallet with at least enough rewards to operate for 1 week at a time, though you can stock it with as many rewards as you like.

Admin Panel

The rewards amount can be changed at any time directly through your admin panel, and the JVL can assist you in changing the reward type as often as you want. For example, you can decide to reward your community with SOL/ETH/MATIC some weeks, and experience points other weeks.

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