🐒Ape Follow Ape

Reward holders for following other community members.

What's Ape Follow Ape?

The Ape Follow Ape mechanics let you reward your community for creating a tight-knit circle on social media by following each other on Twitter! This shows a list of every holder that's using your NFT as their PFP with a "Follow" button next to each name. Rewards can be assigned for each follow in the form of any token, coin, or the same experience points used for Champagne and Mojito. Amounts can be changed at any time directly through your admin panel.

The hairball of accounts created by the Ape-Follow-Ape feature is highly beneficial for NFT projects as it's seen as a tight social community by the Twitter algorithm, pushing its posts to the top of each holder's feed. It allows members to easily connect with each other on social media platforms, fostering a strong sense of community and encouraging engagement. This leads to increased visibility and exposure for your project, attracting new buyers and investors and bringing more value to your holders.


The Ape Follow Ape mechanics gathered motivation from the strongest NFT projects around after realizing that they all have something in common. They were able to create a tight-knit social circle in the eyes of the Twitter algorithm because their holders followed and interacted with each other, creating a hairball of linked accounts.


The AFA Mechanics shows a list that shows every single member of your community that's currently staking their PFP on Twitter, with a "Follow" button next to their name.

How Does It Work?

To earn the set reward, a user must follow the individual directly through Champagne's website with the built-in "Follow" button. After confirming that the user hasn't followed that same person in the past, rewards are automatically distributed for each follow performed.

Bulk Follow

The system also features a "Bulk Follow" button that lets you instantly follow 15 members within the community. This button has a 15 minute cooldown to avoid Twitter rate limits and ensure that your account isn't flagged for suspicious activity. This has been thoroughly tested to ensure that no accounts are put at risk.

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