Holder FAQ

1. How do I start earning rewards from my PFP? Follow the steps below, or see the video below for a 1 minute demo:

1. Connect your Twitter account and wallet, preferably in that order. 2. Your available NFTs will show up. Select the one you want to use as your PFP. 3. Click the download button in the bottom right hand corner. You will be taken to Twitter to change the PFP. 4. Set the newly downloaded image as your PFP. You must use this file, you cannot download the NFT through your wallet. 5. Return to the PFP rewards site and click "Confirm PFP" That's it! You're finished and will automatically earn rewards every 1 hour. Make sure not to change your PFP, or you'll stop earning more rewards.

2. What if I change my PFP? Do I lose the points I've accumulated?

No, the points that have already been accumulated cannot be taken away. However, you will lose the points from that hour that have not been distributed already.

3. How do I start earning my points on mobile? The download button on my app isn't working?

Right now using the same process on mobile only works for some, however if you're experiencing issues there is a workaround.

Follow these steps if you're having issues: 1. Go to site and connect Twitter (mobile wallet browser). 2. From the list of your NFTs, choose the one you want to use as your PFP. 3. Scroll/pull up the NFT info from the bottom of the screen. 4. Save the link of the image by tapping and holding the NFT shown. 5. Go to normal browser - using the link, download the NFT's image to your system files. 6. Go back to the mobile wallet browser and visit Twitter. Edit your profile picture and upload the newly downloaded file. 7. Go back to Champagne and tap "Confirm PFP".

Presto! The process is now complete. Ensure that your NFT was correctly staked and is displaying a green checkmark.

4. The points weren't sent out at the end of the hour! Is the system broken?

No, the system is not broken. Sometimes if the system is experiencing heavy loads, it can take up to 3 hours for the points to be distributed. However, when they are sent out you will get all the promised rewards - you are not losing anything in this process unless you change your PFP. If the issue continues for over 3 hours, open a live chat with us (shown at the bottom right hand corner where it says "Online")

5. Why am I getting the Twitter auth error?

The vast majority of the time, this error is caused because you have an ad blocker or a VPN enabled. Please disable both of these (if applicable) and try again. If this doesn't work, disconnect the accounts and reconnect, making sure to link your Twitter account first. You may need to clear your browser cache before reconnecting.

6. Do I have to use a NFT as my Twitter profile picture to earn these rewards?

Yes, the only way to earn rewards through the Champagne site is if you use a NFT as your Twitter PFP. However, other ways to earn points or tokens 👀

7. Can I use the NFT image downloaded through my wallet, or must I use the one downloaded through Champagne?

No, you MUST use the NFT image that you downloaded through Champagne for the system to work. If you are getting "Failed to Link NFT", this is likely the issue.

8. Is my wallet/Twitter safe?

Absolutely! Connecting your wallet and Twitter gives read only permissions for both, and Champagne has no control whatsoever over your account or assets. It is simply verifying that you own both that wallet and Twitter.

9. How do I know if I'm earning rewards from my PFP

You can tell that you're accumulating rewards if you've seen the burst of confetti after completing the process, and if the screen shows a green checkmark followed by "Currently Receiving Rewards".

10. What if I have many NFTs? Do I get rewards for only one?

No, Champagne features a multiplier. For each NFT that you own within that same collection, you will receive additional rewards (see "Points per additional linked NFT/hr").

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